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About the company and it's team.

Arena Entertainment Systems is owned and managed by Matthew & Coral Constable. Working along side a pool of specialist engineers we have had the pleasure of teaming up with a rather fantastic crew who love the industry. Ashley Williams 'Top guy' our right hand man, what better a sound engineer than someone who has been surrounded by musicians all his life (Mum sings in a band). Ashley obviously affected by this went to Northbrook College to study music technology. We took Ashley on in 2000 and since then we haven't looked back! A few late nights on Ash has now worked with some of the biggest names in the industry! (Grooveryder & Fabio probably his favourite). Oli Clark (lighting Dude) what can I say every sound and light company needs someone with dreadlocks I think it has something to do with picking up creative vibes !! Oli is a wiz with DMX controllers and lighting and is a bit of a creative genius when it comes to building a light show. These two manage our sound & lighting crew. We have a fantastic road crew to many to mention but I believe we are truly lucky in that we have found some very hard working guys and girls who have true professional staying power when it comes to working on the very demanding concert gigs.

As for us we will start with Coral, Coral has been in the music business for 14 years. Coral started singing in small venues around Brighton at the tender age of 16, by 18 Coral had taken to the substantial stage at the Antigua Music festival in the West Indies. Several years later having recorded numerous singles and sung in just about every single 5 star venue in the UK & at numerous festival sites don't be surprised if you see Coral on your telly next week. Equally don't be surprised if when you turn up to a gig we are producing you may catch Coral rigging some Macs, plugging up an amp rack or programming a desk (wonder woman).

As for Matt self confessed amplifier anorak and speaker pervert Matt can tell you the make and model of most speakers just by looking through the grill (sad but true). Matt has been in the music business for 17 years starting as a DJ playing his first gig at 13, at 15 Matt had a regular spot in a nightclub! Matt had a Saturday night DJ residency through the 90's whilst freelance engineering for other sound & lighting companies and various clients. Having promoted many bands and acts working in the theatre and crewing for Iron Maiden (extremely hard work) it is fair to say he has paid his dues in the entertainment industry.

In the late 90's Matt & Coral began hiring out sound & lighting equipment starting off in a tiny lock-up in Hove. We are proud to say 6 years later we are now relocated to a substantial warehouse in Lewes that we can just about squeeze our vast hire stock into and have traded in our transit van for a rather tasty 7.5 ton truck (still hiring that 32 tonner). We hope by the end of this year to pluck two more apprentice's from Northbrook College as our diary is looking rather on the full side. If you fancy it drop us a line.

Our lasted acquisition is something we are all very proud of. Baby Josephine was born to Matt & Coral on Matt's birthday last year. Obviously sleep has been become a rarity but we are very lucky in that at 10 months Josephine is already dancing and showing some promising squeaks along to Corals latest single. Josephine has already met Grandmaster Flash and IceT and has a nice collection of signed gig memorabilia. However we feel it is till to early to take Josephine to Health & Safety meetings as she insists at falling asleep at random and we would not want people to think we perceive council officials as boring.

Enough said please remember "It is nice to be important but more important to be nice"………, "respect is due to the festival crew etc etc"…………………….. "testing testing one two…….. one two……………… two…………………….. three………….

Telephone: 07715 887 457